Shalakya Tantra


  • Shalakya tantra is one part of ashtang Ayurveda which deals with the study of urdhwa jatru i.e body above the clavicle mainly it deals with the study of diseases of eyes,ear,nose ,mouth and head
  • The father of shalakya tantra was Nimi(king of videha)He got the knowledge of this science from lord sun.
  • shalakya tantra subject includes two parts one and two.
  • Part one include Opthalm, detail study about eye.
  • Part two includes detail study about ear nose mouth..


  • To popularize the treatment of kriyakalpas like Netratarpan,Anjan,which are specialities of Netra dog vidnyan in Ayurveda.And Nasya,Gandush,Dhoompan,Karnapooran and Shirodhara are specialities of ENT.
  • Vision of department is to consult minimum 100 patient daily of shalakya.


  • उत्तमांगस्य समरक्षणम्
  • Our efforts are dedicated to impart quality and value based education to raise the satisfaction level of all the students through lectures and practicals.
  • And raise the satisfaction level of all patients who keep faith in our treatment.


  • Integrity- we will be honest,ethical and fair.
  • Respect-we will treat each other and those we serve with courtesy,honor and dignity accepting and valuing
  • Openness,transparency,decency and humility.

TEACHING AND LEARNING METHODS USED BY DEPARTMENT: –Teaching and learning process by the dept. is based on Student centric method. In which various techniques are used ie;

  1. Audio Visuals Aids
  2. Group discussion
  3. Tutorials
  4. Shloka recitation
  5. Demonstration

BENEFITS TO STUDENTS:- Due to various activates conducted by dept. as well as using beneficial teaching methods  students can get proper practical knowledge about use of instruments in opd and OT.