About College

Remembering the Great Souls of Sangamner Taluka: Their Legacy of Service and Enlightenment in Ayurveda and Medical Science; Founder and Trailblazer of Vasant Kusum Rural Yog and Ayurvedic Sanshodhan Pratishthan’s Siddhakala Ayurved Mahavidyalaya and Hospital; Sangamner, Maharashtra.

The Tale of Two Remarkable Souls in Sangamner taluka and their legacy of service for mankind by medical science. The Legacy of Late Hon. Dr. Vasantrao Saraf, founder of the institute, renowned social worker, and leading practitioner, contributed to society, and impact on healthcare, his vision was to provide service & training medical education in rural & the Adivasi Areas of Maharashtra. Behind his great journey, there was a support system built for excellence and the ultimate support provided at this institute by Late. Dr. Mrs. Kusumawati Vasantrao Saraf. She was the topmost gynecologist of that time in this town.

Their journey to serve mankind, philanthropy, compassion for others, and community health initiatives. They left a remarkable impact on Sangamner Taluka’s Community and Beyond for Better healthcare facilities, improved quality of life for residents, and raised awareness about traditional medicine practices in rural & tribal communities of Maharashtra.

Together with their united vision & mission of patient-centred care with advanced facilities, and technologies, Ayurvedic Medical Education named Vasant Kusum Rural Yog and Ayurvedic Sanshodhan Pratishthan’s Siddhakala Ayurved Mahavidyalaya and Hospital, the foundation stone was laid in 1991. The structure of the building was raised to serve society in 1992.

Later the most enthusiastic Vaidya Dr. Kishor Vasantrao Saraf & Vaidya Dr. Mrs. Jayashree Kishor Saraf played important roles in this institution. Continuing 32 years the Legacy, sustaining values, and principles set by Dr. Vasantrao Saraf &. Dr. Mrs. Kusumawati Vasantrao Saraf. From the beginning Siddhakala Ayurved Mahavidyalaya and Hospital started its Journey as a Charitable Organization developed in medical education.

Dr. Kishor Vasantrao Saraf & Dr. Jayashree Kishor Saraf, by Ayurvedic knowledge & their Contributions to Medical Science, Medical research advancements, innovative treatments, and techniques. Moreover, on preserving and sharing Traditional Ayurvedic Knowledge through Ayurveda principles and practices, and preservation of ancient texts and manuscripts. Passing down their wisdom through mentoring aspiring doctors and practitioners, educational scholarships, and Post-graduation programs in Ayurveda.

Revolutionizing Medical Education and Pioneering Initiatives in Medical Education at Siddhakala Ayurved Mahavidyalaya and Hospital continuing – 

  1. Promoting Accessible Education: Bridging the gap in healthcare education for underprivileged students.
  2. Integration of Traditional and Modern Medicine: Emphasizing the importance of blending ancient wisdom with contemporary medical practices.
  3. Research and Innovation: Encouraging students to engage in research projects to contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.
  4. Community Outreach Programs: Extending healthcare services to remote areas through free medical camps and awareness campaigns.
  5. A wide range of Health Care services: Focusing on health care services with multi-specialty hospital facilities. Especially for Reproductive & child health care, Outdoor and Indoor patient care units, Intensive care units, super-specialty surgery units & well-equipped operation theatres. Diet, Yoga and Panchakarma therapy, preventive & longevity.
  6. Collaboration with International Institutions: Establishing partnerships with renowned institutions worldwide for knowledge exchange and global exposure.

This institution believes in medical education transformation, healthcare accessibility, traditional medicine revival, research contribution, community outreach impact, and international collaborations. Our institute encourages development updates, plans for growth and expansion, and upcoming projects in medical education. A legacy of excellence and progress in medical education; Siddhakala Ayurved Mahavidyalaya And Hospital provides a notable contribution to medical education for excellence, prospects, and impact on the healthcare industry.


Swasthavritta Vibhag

Samhita Vibhag (Basic Principals)
Rachana Sharir (Ayu. Anatomy)
Kriya Sharir (Ayu. Physiology)
Rog- nidan (Ayu. dignosis & Pathogenesis)
Kaya- Chikitsa (Ayu. Medicine)
Dravyaguna (Ayu. Pharmacognocy)
Agad tantra (Ayu. Toxicoloy)
Ras- Shastra (Ayu. Pharmacology)
Streerog -Prasuti Tantra (Ayu. Gynaecology & obst.)
Kaumarbhritya Tantra ( Ayu. Pediatrics)
Shalya (Ayu. Surgery)
Shalakya (Ayu. ENT)                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Library:- Over12,000 books on Ayurveda, Modern medicine, Physiotherapy, Hotel Management are available along with VCD’S, souvenirs, magazines & journals related to above courses.

Hostel Facilities:- 2 well equipped separate Hostels for Boys & Girls are available with the basic requirements .

Results:- The average % of. Results is more than 85%.


College runs ‘Noopur Art Circle’ for motivating the students to develop their other activities (Dance, Drama etc.)There is ‘Vidyarthi Grahak Bhandar’ run by students for the students.Institute has its own ‘Pat-sanstha’ for benifite of students, Teaching, Non-Teaching staff.