INTRODUCTION : Our subject includes 3 major aspect of learning tools namely

  1. Sanskrit & Ayurved Itihas : Ayurveda originated as of vedic sciences. All original texts of Ayurveda science in Sanskrit so, the knowledge of Sanskrit language is compulsory to learn Ayurveda .This subject includes Sanskrit grammar which is necessary for reading & understanding various samhitas (Original Ayurvedic Texts) through which student gains thorough knowledge of Ayurvedic science.In Ayurvedic Itihas part the history of rich culture of Ayurveda from its origin upto recent era is explained.
  2. Samhita Adhyayana : This subject provides complete knowledge of ancient Ayurvdic texts namely Charak Samhita, Ashtang hridaya, Sushruta Samhita, for betterment of human life in context to achieve complete health. In this subject ideal behavioral patterns for human beings according to day(dinacharya), seasons(ritucharya), causative factors of diseases(hetu), Diagnosis of diseases(nidan), complete treatment of disease(chikitsa),etc.  is explained in detailed manner.
  3. Padarth Vidnyan : This subject deals with knowledge of composition & functioning of human body through like Panchmahabhuta(five basic elements), kaal(time, age, season), disha (directions), Aatma (knowledge of human soul), Mann(psychological aspect).This subject also deals with explaining different philosophical aspects (Darshana) regarding human behavioral pattern.

VISION OF DEPARTMENT :-To deliver perfect knowledge of Ayurvedic classical text to each  students in simpler & practical form.

MISSION OF DEPARTMENT :-To develop perfect ayurvedic physicians by providing complete & undoubted knowledge from samhitas along with practical demonstration.


  • To acquire theoretical as well as practical knowledge of ancient & classical ayurvedic texts (samhitas)
  • To compare & corelate knowledge from different classical Ayurvedic texts with current era in simpler language form for easy understanding for students.
  • To bring confluence in achieving academic excellence and promoting scientific research methods in enlighten knowledge of Samhitas.


  • Audio visual Aids
  • Tutorials
  • Shloka recitation
  • Group discussion
  • Practical demonstration

BENEFITS TO STUDENTS:-Due to effective use of all the teaching tools students gets complete theoretical as well as practical knowledge regarding ayurveda as a health science. This will helps to develop perfect Ayurvedic physicians.