Rognidan Avum Vikriti Vidgyana

Introduction :  In this Rognidan Dept we study about the causes of diseases , changes in their normal function, deformity in organ while diseases caused. There is various examination like Trividh Pariksha, Chaturvidh Pariksha, Shadvidh Pariksha, Ashtavidh Pariksha, Dashavidh Pariksha to know whether person (Swastha) normal or (Aswastha) abnormal.

Shatkriyakal means how diseases cause step by step deformity in the body. Strotas  Sankalpana , Vyadhi Awashta, Diseases study by Nidan Panchak like nidan, poorva roop, roop, upashay, samprapti.

Vision Of Department : Rognidan Dept teaches students to identify the particular disease of patient from various examination mention in granthas. At which step of the diseases, is diseases curable or not curable we can conclude through Arishta Lakshnas.

Mission Of Department : To identify the patient’s diseases at early step and do the proper treatment which needed. Nidan panchak , Nidan Parivarjan, Pathya Apathya Ahara for to cure immediate.

Objectives :

  1. Examination of patient
  2. Examination of Rugna Bala , Rog Bala
  3. Is patient curable or not through the condition of patient “Arishta Lakshnas”
  4. Chikitsa Chatushpad
  5. Strotas Sankalpana Study

Teaching And Learning Methods :

  • Class room teaching through theory lecture.
  • Batchwise practical lecture.
  • Group Discussion.
  •  Project \ Models Making according to disease pathology.      

Benefits to Students:- Students learn more effectively by above mentioned methods. Definitely students will utilized all these methods while they checking patients from that they become good doctors.