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Research Laboratory

कार्यकारणभावस्य द्रव्याणां गुणकर्मणोः।

परीक्ष्य स्थापनं सम्यगनुसन्धानमुच्चते ।।

अन्वेषणं पर्येषणं गवेषणमथापि च।

 शोध इत्यादिपर्यायेः लोके समभिधीयते।।…… Acharya P. V. Sharma

Siddhakala Ayurved Mahavidyalaya has focused on Ayurvedic drug research with a quality control lab and standardized pharmacy unit to supply good quality authentic Ayurvedic medicines to IPD & OPD to patients.

Instrument & Equipment list:

  1. Distillatory apparatus
  2. Water bath
  3. Soxhlet apparatus
  4. Magnetic stirrers
  5. Heating mantles
  6. pH meters
  7. Friability testing apparatus
  8. Tablet hardness tester
  9. Laboratory glass wares (beakers, flask, funnel, test tubes, measuring cylinders etc.)
  10. UV viewing chamber
  11. TLC kit

Test Conducted:

  1. pH
  2. Extractive values
  3. Tablet Hardness
  4. Tablet friability
  5. TLC
  6. Phytochemical analysis of various formulations or single drug
  7. Fluorescence study.