Rachana Sharir

INTRODUCTION:-Rachana Sharir is the subject that deals with the structural knowledge of the human body. Here, students learn human Anatomy with theoretical as well as practical aspect. We have spacious department along with museum which is full with various specimens, charts, models. Apart from this, we also have a dissection hall wherein students get the practical knowledge of the human body by performing cadaveric dissection.


  • Every student who has got admission to our college should get acquainted with the subject by all means.


  • To develop fulfilled Rachana Sharir department following the norms of NCISM and get ready to transfer the knowledge of the subject to fore coming intake of hundred students. 


  • To set the department in such a way that all the students taking admission to this college will be bestowed with all the resources required for attaining knowledge in the subject of Rachana Sharir.
  • Every student should get theoretical and practical knowledge at par.
  • To develop students’ creative as well as analytical thinking process while studying the subject.

TEACHING AND LEARNING METHODS USED BY DEPARTMENT :-We are practicing student centric teaching-learning method in our department. we use various teaching-learning methods like, 

  • Demonstration
  • Model making
  • Audio Visuals Aids
  • Group discussion
  • Shloka recitation
  • Problem-based learning
  • Case-based learning
  • Self-directed learning

BENEFITS TO STUDENTS:-With the help of various teaching-learning methods that we use definitely arose interest in the subject. Students learn the subject in an easy way.