Introduction:-Panchakarma is soul of Ayurveda. Panchakarma therapies maintain health and immunity in healthy inividuals and cures disease in sick individuals. In our institute all panchakarma procedures are carried out under proper SOP. Department of Panchakarma of Institute has well equipped OPD , IPD and Pancharma unit with train staff.

Vision of the department

  • To establish Panchakarma therapies as first choice of treatment for patients suffering from chronic illness.
  • To create professional and authentic Panchakarma therapies under the observation of experienced Doctors.

Mission of the department

  • To provide theoretical and practical knowledge to students and hence build a bridge between ancient and modern panchakarma techniques.

Teaching and learning methods used by department

  • Teacher- centered method of instruction – Conduction of Lectures
  • Student – centered methods of instruction – Assignments to students
  • Kinesthetitic learning – postings of students in panchakarma dept for hands on training.

 Benefits to students

  • Diverse methods of teaching technique were implemented for better understanding of concepts.
  • Growth in students confidence.
  • Procedural skill enchancement.