Introduction:-Kaumarbhritya is one of the most important branch of Ayurveda dealing with care of the child from the conception to till the maturity. It focuses on all aspects of nursing and healthy upbringing of newborns ,infant’s and children by holistic approach for better progeny and society.

Vision of the department:-

  • To promote the simple , herbal medicine for the healthy growth and development of children.
  • To promote the preventive measures like Suvarnaprashna for improvement of child immunity and prevent various infections.
  • To provide comprehensive and complex clinical care for infants and children.

Mission of the department:-

  • Dynamic education of UG and PG involved in pediatric health that puts the need of learners first
  • Innovative and transformative research in pediatric health care.

Teaching and learning methods used by department

  • Patient centric and evidence based learning: Bed side case taking helps to learn diagnosis, treatment, etc
  • Self directed learning: Important you tube links of various topics shared with students. Important notes and authentic websites promoted to students.
  • Classroom teaching
  • Teacher and student interaction during lectures and practical.

Benefits to students:-

  • Students learn how to take proper case, how to interact with patient and parents and how to diagnosed patients.
  • It helps to build confidence of students.
  • Helps to know about their mistakes and weakness. Increase understanding of subject.
  • Improves the interaction between teacher and students.

Activities with participation of students with photograph