Introduction: –

  • The department deals with Toxicology, Forensic medicine and medical jurisprudence.
  • Agadtantra is one of the eight branches of ayurveda.
  • It deals with properties, effect and management of poison of animate and inanimate origin.
  • There is in detail study of agadas i.e. vishavirodhi dravya or vishavirodhi kalpa which are used since human history itself.
  • It also deals with laws related poisons.


  • To make our department one among the best Agadtantra center in india.
  • To provide contributions in toxicology to Ayurvedic filed by management of bite cases, Allergy & Dermatology.
  • To establish PG course for Agada tantra in the college.
  • To establish full – fledge Toxicological lab and acquaint the students with analytical aspects of Toxicology.


  • To provide knowledge in for BAMS students.
  • To conduct theory, practical on Agadtantra Vidhivaidyaka and Vayavahara Ayurved to third year student
  • To conduct seminar, discussion of the ug students.
  • To conduct unit test and model examinations for evaluating student and make them competent


  • The department of agad tantra & vidhi Vaidyak occupies about 1000 sq. ft area which comprises a museum having ample number of models, chart and specimens of various poison, their effects, treatment etc. A colored atlas of almost all types of wounds have been prepared for academic purpose collection of good number of weapons of assault (models only in case of licensed weapons) to help students to understand nature of possible injuries.


  • Department has its one tutorial place.
  • lecture and Practical’s are being regularly conducted in college premises.
  • We visit MORTURY at Rural hospital Sangamner for “Post Mortem Examination” training.
  • Visit to Regional Forensic Science Laboratory is regularly arranged to upgrade Knowledge of the subject
  • Court Visit for third year students at A.D.J Court sangamner
  • Conduction of class on Identification of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes at Siddhakala ayurved mahavidyalaya sangamne as part of “Azadi ka amrutmahostav”.

Departmental library:- There are 55 books in the departmental library, which includes Ayurveda, Modern and Research Methodology test book.